The Startprep project.

Allowing students to add feedback to quiz questions

STARTprep is a year-long online micro-learning course designed to prepare anesthesia residents for competency in the anesthesia basic sciences.

STARTprep was developed by the AIM Lab, an award-winning innovation laboratory based in the Department of Anesthesia at Stanford University.

An important element of the Startprep courses is the usage of the Moodle Quiz module. Residents can login to Moodle daily to practice questions using the Flashcard module, Learn theory from the Lesson module and test and enhance their knowledge on the Quiz module.

Student feedback can allows teachers to increase the content quality.

The Quality of quizzes are of great importance and student feedback on quiz questions can prove very useful. Users can inform the teachers on errors in the questions asked or explain their choices.

Since the quiz module uses a renderer to build the quiz pages a theme can change the way the quiz behaves providing a Hack-free stable solution without locking Moodle to a fixed version (jay!).

The user interface for adding feedback should be simple and intuitive without disruption the quiz, or requiring the page to reload.

"A StartPrep Quiz page"


When zooming into the question there are 2 new input boxes added by the theme.

"Zoom into the question info box"

The user can simply add some text and click on the save button or press enter.

"Zoom into the question info box"

How the teacher manages comments.

A teacher can see all comments provided by students. This list of comments makes it very easy to find questions that have lots of comments.

"The Quiz Comments Interface"


When the teacher clicks on the question having 15 comments the question content can be viewed allowing the teacher to understand what this is about. In the comments tab all student comments can be read.

"The Comments Question content"

Clicking the Comments tab opens a Tab that shows all the student comments.

"The Comments for a Question"

How it all works

The quiz comments have been build into the Moodle theme uising some smart renderes and a Yui Module. The comments are stored in a separate table. The report has been build as a sub plugin for the quiz module.

The results

Building these customizations have been a nice learning experience and I would very much like to build them in a way so they can easily be reused. If you’re want to learn more on this plugin do not hesitate to contact me!