Saint Patricks day Moodle theme.

Together with David Scotson, Joby Harding and Gareth Barnard I am working on a new version of the Moodle bootstrap theme, the theme that was the foundation for the bootstrapbase theme / clean theme now in Moodle core.

Today I prowdly present the Bootstrap Shamrock theme for Saint Patricks day! The idea for releasing this today was from Gavin Henrick

"Bootstrap Shamrock"


Download it now

How this theme was build

I did not create the Shamrock look for Moodle myself. All credits go to Thomas Park how maintains the free bootswatches for Moodle project.

Our Moodle bootstrap theme fully supports bootswatches, and thanks to Joby Harding it is now super easy to switch bootswatches in the Moodle bootstrap theme. All I did for this theme was issue the command.

grunt swatch --name=shamrock

Have Fun!