I am happy to announce a new version of the Moodle Bootstrap theme. This new version contains a few improvements:

  • Now really resonsive on mobile devices
  • Contains the bootstrap collapsed menu (only when jQuery is enabled)
  • Has a improved Gradebook view (no transparent hover overs)
  • Has a improved Quiz layout
  • Is tested on different browsers (oops no IE yet)
  • Has a improved Data mod layout
  • Uses the Bootstrap tabs
  • Is tested for Moodle 2.4
  • Has options to use glyphicons for moodle 2.3 in the settings menu
  • Has the option to add your Google analytics key. This theme enables improved Google analytics reporting:for more info check: http://basbrands.nl/2012/04/18/google-analytics-with-moodle/
  • Spanish translation thanks to Maximino Ameneiro Gómez

Working on this theme has been very nice. I have received lots of messages and it has been downloaded over 700 times the last 2 months. I have created this theme to give back to the Moodle community and to show what I can do with Moodle themes.  ( Shameless advertisement: If you need a theme don’t hesitate to contact me ). Recently I even got a spanish translation file for the theme settings page.

The theme is now in a pre-release state. I am waiting for some test results before the stable / production release is ready. If you want to contribute to the theme please contact me, I need some testers that can test the theme on different browser versions.

Screenshot of ipod