Last week I have created a new theme for Moodle, the Moodle bootstrap theme.

Bootstrap is a CSS / Javascript framework for easy webdevelopment. It is packed with features: A responsive grid, typography, form controls, dropdown menus and much more.

Moodle offers a excellent theming engine that allows developers a lot of freedom when creating a cust theme / template. You can actually make any Moodle page look exactly how you want it to look.

I have first heard about using Bootstrap for Moodle from Stuart Lamour at the Ireland and Uk Moodle Conference. Together we started development on a new theme. Recently David Scotson posted a topic on the Moodle forums showing the work he had done for his version of the Bootstrap theme. This inspired me to create a community version for everybody interested in using Bootstrap.

This has resulted in a free theme that can be downloaded here:

Preview the theme here:


mobile view


Download from Github